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Repay Your Mortgage

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After buying a new home, you have to pay off the monthly payments of your mortgage. Paying off certain amount of payment each in this strict economic recession is really a nerve stretching, but you have to pay off your mortgage. Following are some useful aspects of paying off mortgage as soon as you can pay it off.

repay your mortgage

Why you should pay off mortgage?

The first reason to pay off mortgage in short period of time is to save a substantial amount of money. It is wise to go through the agreement before you sign it at the time of purchasing your home. You should carefully go through the amortization schedule. The second important reason to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible is to achieve peace of mind that you could gain from getting the ownership of your home.

Misconception about Paying Off Mortgage

Majority of mortgage holders consider that paying off mortgage is an unfavorable financial move. These people claim to save money in the long run instead of paying off their mortgages in quick time. To some extent, you save money by paying off your mortgage over an extended period of time, but chances are not always bright.

Arguments against paying off mortgage don’t seem to be strong when it comes to get the ownership of your own place. Majority of people don’t care about the cost of houses and they mainly concentrate on getting the possession of their own homes. Another argument against paying off mortgage is to get a tax break from the mortgage interest. This is a dubious argument, but it is very popular among mortgage holders. In fact, mortgage interest gives you tax break. It is not suitable for you if you are with the highest tax bracket. Read the full story


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