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Refinance Home Loan Rates– Mortgage Rates Under 5% in September

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In September, refinance home loan rates have slowly worked their way under 5%.  Last week  Mortgage rate briefly dropped below 5% and it is anticipated that we will repeatedly see this again this week as we can see that the 10 year treasury rate yield remains in a down trend. 

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The efforts that has been made by the Federal Reserve Bank and overall United States government has greatly helped to keep mortgage interest rates low.  The mortgage rates have been kept near historically low levels by the purchases of mortgage backed securities along with treasury rates has keep .

The one area of concern that all of us are having with mortgage rates being so low is the fact that they are artificially being held down by the Fed’s buying power.By the end of October, FED has made plans that they will stop buying US Treasuries and by the end of the year the Fed has planned to culminate all the purchases of mortgage backed securities.  If this will happen in reality then we can assume that mortgage rates are going to increase unless that there is some influx of foreign investors.

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