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Managing Your Cards: Guide to Read Your Monthly Statements – Part 1

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I can describe Credit card statements as the ultimate math-class word problem. If there is one thing wrong and the bad mark will stay with you for a long time on your credit report.

For making it even more challenging, nearly every credit card posses a slightly different set of requirements and there is a little difference in your statement. So below I have explained all the different parts of card statements so that you may get some help to sort through the next bill and save a little money in the process:


Purchases/new Charges:

This is that part of the statement which contains the details of what you purchased and how much you borrowed. And this also that part of statement that you want to check first.

Here I am telling you a smart credit trick that you should remember and that is you should save all charge receipts for the month and then match them with the bill when it comes in. By doing this you make take immediate action if you’re double billed or charged for something you didn’t buy. If you encounter a problem, then immediately contact the credit card company by phone and also send them a letter.

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