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Home Inspections: The Facts

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A home inspection is extremely important before you buy a home. The little extra money you will have to pay a home inspection officer will be worth it if it can save you from future hassles once you have bought the house.

You can get an idea of how important a home inspection is by the fact that there exists a home inspection contingency in your purchase offer. If your inspection reveals serious defects in the house then you can back out of the deal. You can do this without any penalty but within a timeframe.

Home Inspection:

Home Inspection

The home inspector usually takes two to three hours for the inspection. It is advised that you are present for the inspection to get a firsthand view of the problems, if any. Also, you will be able to question the home inspector directly in case of any confusions. You can also get a better understanding of the defect by seeing it in real rather than in the photographs attached in the report.

A home inspector examines certain components of the home you are looking to buy. Inspections will vary according to the expertise and thoroughness of the home inspector. He will deliver to you a report based on his findings.

Inspection of the Exterior:

The home inspector will check the exterior walls for signs of damage because of pests or any other reason. He will apprise you of the seriousness of the problems, whether they are cosmetic or serious. The inspector will also try to get an idea of the condition of the foundation by looking for signs of cracks, etc. Read the full story


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