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Priceless American Coins

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Coins are an essential part of history and the story of American coins is actually the story of America itself. Over the years, coins have proved to be tremendous pieces of art. They have great value and command respect. You can own a piece to own a bit of history of the US. Most of the coins are pretty high-valued and collectible items.

1. 1861 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold piece:

1861 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold piece

Only a few of these coins were ever produced and put into circulation. Their production had been halted by the US Mint because of some late-breaking design revisions. Yet a few of the coins were put into circulation by authorities who didn’t receive word until too late. Two examples are known to exist and one is valued at 5.6 million dollars.

2. 1870-S Three Dollar Gold piece:

1870-S Three Dollar Gold piece

This special coin was minted to be sealed into the cornerstone of the San Francisco Mint building at the corner of Fifth and Mission streets. This happened in 1870 and records reveal that only one specimen was made. Yet in 1982, another one surfaced and fetched $687,500 at an auction. Time has driven up its value and today it is valued at a whopping two and a half million dollars.

3. 1849 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold piece:

1849 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold piece

This special coin was the first US double eagle that is $20 gold piece. It was produced as a direct result of the California Gold Rush. It holds great historical significance. Only one specimen is known to exist today and it is not available for sale to collectors. It is safely locked away in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institute. It is rumored that this coin can fetch four million dollars if made available for an auction.

4. 1873-CC Liberty Seated dime:

1873-CC Liberty Seated dime

This one is a great artifact of the Wild West. It was issued from the Carson City Mint as its most valuable coin. Today it is valued at just over two and a half million dollars a copy.

5. 1804 Ten Dollar Gold piece:

1804 Ten Dollar Gold piece

The strange thing about this coin is that only ten were ever produced. Three of them are known to exist even today. What adds to the novelty is the fact that the coins were minted in 1834 that makes three decades after the date that is printed on the coin. Read the full story

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