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Using Prepaid Credit Cards as Business Promotions

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As consumers are cutting off their spending and trying to save more, in order to boost up their businesses, businessmen are trying different ideas so that they can attract consumers and encourage spending in their stores or on their websites. To give away something too good to pass up is one of the more effective methods of getting customers to check out what you are offering them.

For this reason many retailers have turned to prepaid credit cards to promote their business. The offers of giving away a “credit card” have a more professional appearance rather than to give out cash or offer rebates for purchases.

Inernational Business

In addition to the offers of prepaid credit cards as promotions to attract people towards their stores, businesses are using them as contest giveaways, rewards and incentives to employees in order to meet certain sales criteria or exceeding job expectations or they are also used as incentives to customers to listen to business presentations (think timeshares).

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