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Credit card scammers ask you for 3-digit security code

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It is not a new thing to read about a credit card scams, but here’s a new twist on them. In this case, scammers are already having your credit card information, but need the card’s security code, which is the three-digit number that is located on the back of your credit card a vendor uses to ensure the card’s actually is in your possession.


How this Scam Works?

I tell you here how the scam works. You will receive a call by someone who claims to be from your credit card company’s security and fraud department. The caller would already be having your credit card number by some form of identity theft. He or she may also provide you a badge number and tells you that your card has been flagged for unusual purchasing activity.

The your address will be recited by the caller and asks you to verify it so a statement can be sent showing your account was credited.

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