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Match Your Card and Lifestyle: Key Questions to Ask Before you Sign Up

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Whether you are apply for a credit card, you should ask a phone representative to send you information related to your credit card, you should also hook up with online applications of a credit card company or receive an uninvited application through the mail, you should never attempt to sign up until that you have asked about some key questions that are really important to ask before you signup.


You have to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • Is your card company offering an introductory rate? What is that rate and how long does it last for?
  • After the introductory rate time period is finished, what will your rate be?
  • Does the card company charge any fees for application?

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Match your Card and Lifestyle: Find The Perfect Card for You

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You should first shop around before that you sign up for the first low-rate offer that comes in your way. Maybe the great rate that is offered by the credit card company only lasts for six months or any savings you could enjoy from the low introductory rate might be eaten up by the annual fee.

Shop around for your Card

It is advised that you should do a little comparison shopping and you may get success in finding a card with the same rate for at least a year or another card that offers the same deal but charge no annual fee.

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Use Credit Card Search Engine

An essential tool with which you can find the best card is the Bankrate.com which is credit card search engine. It serves as a great reference and comparison tool. You should keep it handy as you keep refining your choices.

If though you’ve already had your card for a while, but then also I suggest you to shop around again because now there might be a new deal with the same card company, or you may find a different, better arrangement out there with another card company that wants your business.

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